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TAX Data Sync Error between Dynamics CRM 2015 on prem and Dynamics GP

Kevin asked 4 years ago
I was tasked to investigate why our clients that are tax eligible are not receiving invoices with their taxes from GP.  Please note, this was working several months ago.  After some digging, I have found the map that is running this connection.  I have verified that the records are in CRM correctly, to my knowledge the map is mapping the correct fields from CRM to GP, and that the map produced an error when running this particular sync.  After cross referencing when the sync was ran from CRM, I was able to find the error message in the Map Log.  There were 3 error messages that showed up:
Error Number =1785 Stored Procedure =taSopHdrRecalc Error Description =Unable to create distributions
Error Number =2218 Stored Procedure =taSopHdrIvcInsert Error Description =Unable to update the existing SOP Header record
Error Number =8329 Stored Procedure =taSopHdrRecalc Error Description  =Tax table detail does not equal the tax amount -manual tax changes are not supported on Updates
I am relatively new to eOne, but I’ve learned a good bit over the past 6 months.  Has anyone else seen anything like this?  

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