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Tax calculated and rounded at line level instead of on subtotal

Patrick asked 3 years ago
We are having an issue with taxes amount being calculate and rounded at line level instead of on total on SOP imports.
This will periodic lead to a 1-2 cent differential between actual transaction and what was imported.
Removing and then re-adding the tax schedule from the SOB documents recalculates the tax and fixes the issue.
Any help/guidance for possible changes to out import map would be much appreciated!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
Dynamics GP always calculate taxes on the Extended Price at the line item level and never the sub total.
You can tell this for sure because if you go into the SOP Item Detail and press the Tax expansion button by the Calculated Tax field (which is the total of the line item tax details).
The “header” taxes that you see on the main sop window is the total of the line taxes and not the subtotal.
If your GP is behaving differently then I would be at a loss to explain that other than possibly a customization to make it work out that way.

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