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Task ** was successful. Map will end reporting failure

Darren asked 2 years ago
We are attempting to use the ‘Run SQL Command’ task option.  We have a sequence of these tasks.  Individually they execute without issue.  The problem we are having is that the task runs successfully but SmartConnect logs that ‘Task ** was successful.  Map will end reporting failure.’ and subsequent maps do not execute.
We tried reaching out to SmartConnect but they told us that we shouldn’t use the ‘Run SQL Command’ option and just run our tasks as ‘Run Script’ tasks (which is begs the question why they bother including the ‘Run SQL Command’ option if they aren’t going to support it).
I am in the process of converting my ‘Run SQL Command’ tasks to ‘Run Script’ tasks and won’t be making this mistake again.  I am merely curious if anyone else has encountered the same behavior and the same response from SmartConnect?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 2 years ago

Typically an error message that states the task has been completed successfully, and the map will end. Means the task is not set to go to next step.

There are two dropdown fields that can be used to determine what the task will do. ‘On Failure’ and ‘On Success’. Typically you will set ‘On Failure’ to Quit and ‘On Success’ to Go to next step. If the On Success is set to Quit you will see an error like this.
**Bonus tip: When using a SQL Command task, if you want to use any source columns or global variables in your script, I find it works best to select the field from the ‘Insert Variable’ button rather than typing them. Also, make sure you put single quotes around the variable so it is processed as text, otherwise you will see SQL syntax errors when running the integration.

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