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Task: {Copy/Move} File > append date/time in military time

Ryan asked 4 years ago
Where hh is the hours, it appears that this is in non-military time and therefore less useful.  The hour in the DTS in the file should be in military time to ensure files are not overwritten and provide more uniqueness.
Even better would be to allow the file fields to include wildcards and other standard programming functions to allow for custom formatting and dynamic naming conventions without the use of a script to handle the task.
Also NOTE:  I believe the US & AU formats are listed backwards.
US Format – filename_yyyy-dd-MM_hh-mm-ss.file extension.
AU Format – filename_yyyy-MM-dd_hh-mm-ss.file extension. 
Where yyyy is the current year, dd is the current day of the month, MM is the current month number, hh is the hours, mm is the minutes and ss the seconds.
Mat Bigham replied 2 years ago

I think think this would be very helpful as well. Has it been addressed already?

Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
I will add this as a product suggestion for a future release. Thanks for taking time to make SmartConnect a better product!

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