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Tables need to be created, do you want to create them now.

Vicki H asked 9 years ago
We have many companies databases all of which have 3 additional fields added through Extender to GP 2010.  Security is the same across all companies, but I have one company that keeps prompting the users to "create the tables" when they login.  If they select Yes to create the tables, it tells them they don't have enough rights.  I am able to access the fields for this comapny as 'sa' without incident, however, none of the users can see these Extender fields for this particular company.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
It may be a permissions issue with the Extender tables if it works as ‘sa’. I would recommend that you make sure you have complete database backups and then run the Grant.sql script against the databases. This script is found in the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation directory in the SQLUtil folder.

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