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taAATrxDimCodeMaint has no option for Update if Exists

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 10 years ago
There are fields in the econnect node that are not available in smartconnect, namely the UpdateIfExist field…I need to set this to 2, but without the field available.

It is updating all codes where I just want to create the code if it doesnt already exist…puting a 2 for that field would work, but that isnt available….

Is there a patch for this?
molsen replied 10 years ago

Alyson – SmartConnect does not support 'option 2' for this flag. We do support the 'update if exists' as a yes or no. So you can say update existing if the records exists AND create new if it does not exist. This is driven by your keys fields identified on your datasource.

So if you do not mark 'update if exists' and your key fields are correct then you will be golden. This is a setting on the map as opposed to a field you can map to.

Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

Right now SmartConnect does just use a 0 or 1 when checking that update if exists flag. However for a few nodes Microsoft did add in that extra option.

If you are using one of those nodes with that option you can map a calculated field directly to the update if exists parameter while leaving the check box unmarked and it should use that additional option.

Your calculated field would just need to look like: Return 2

And then you would map that directly to the field. If you then send the map to file you should be able to confirm if that value is being passed through correctly to eConnect then.


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