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Summary Smart List

Michele Durkin asked 9 years ago
I have created a SmartList Builder object that summarizes 'Qty Shipped' on GP 2013 PO Receipt lines. The PO Line table is also part of the SmartList object  and the 'Qty Ordered' column is set to summary type = maximum.   The smartlist results are correct with no search criteria, but, when I add Search criteria to return only rows where Qty Shipped < Qty Ordered, I do not get the correct rows returned.  Is this because the search criteria are being applied to the unsummarized rows?    Is there another way to accomplish?   Thanks!
Jared replied 9 years ago

I tested on my system by grouping on the PO Number and it's working correctly.  What are you grouping on?  Also, if SmartList is set to display the first 1000 records and you have more than a 1000 they will be in a different order when returned summarized.

Michele Durkin replied 9 years ago

Hi Jared, Thanks for answering!  I am grouping on PO number also and have the smartlist set to return more than 1000 rows.  The main table is POP10110 and the secondary table is POP10500.  Could I export the SLB object and e-mail to you?  Thanks! Michele – 707-246-1413.

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