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Suggestions for making sure that SmartPost stays running?

Andrew Shaffer asked 5 years ago
     Given that SmartPost needs to keep a running GP instance in place, do you have any suggestions for mechanisms / scripts which ensure that it stays running and/or restarts when the server reboots or Dynamics.exe crashes?  Some sort of watchdog or service? 
     As a first step, I tried using a login macro to automatically start SmartPost from scratch, but it doesn’t appear that clicks in the SmartPost window get recorded as part of the macro.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
No, we don’t have anything that monitors that GP is running or not.  You’d have to write your own windows service for this or possibly there are some apps out there that would do this kind of thing already.
The Login macro is a good idea.  The SmartPost Processing window is a .NET window and therefore was outside of the GP macro system. 
I note “was” because in newer versions of SmartPost (I forget which version) the ability to macro the SmartPost Processing (only that window and for this specific reason) was added.
So if yours isn’t working, you must be on an older version of SmartPost.
This feature was added on SmartPost and newer.

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