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Successful upload but no data…

GShort asked 8 years ago
I am creating a job for a client and the first step is to import their data from a spread sheet to a table in SQL, which was done quite seemlessly.  I had 96 rows on the spread sheet BUT wait only 46 in the table.  I re-ran the import and again it showed 96 Successful but again only 46 were imported in.

After reviewing the data that is being imported I found that two of the text fields had a spaces before any text.  I removed the space and the data is imported correctly.

The client is on version  

Of course I will tell the client to make sure that their are no spaces before their text but I also need to account for this possiblly happening in the future.

Has anyone ran into this and have a work around or is this a known issue that has an update fix?


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