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Sub Total does not match the line item totals

heddy asked 9 years ago
Has anyone seen this error before. i have checked my source file and the totals are matching correctly but i'm still getting the error: "Subtotal does not match the line item totals…"
sueconrod replied 9 years ago

Check the tables, I have a feeling you are running into the fact that Smart Connect will allow 5 decimals and if you brought anything in without rounding the numbers you have hidden values underneath. 


heddy replied 9 years ago

the numbers are all whole numbers… so i'm not doing any rounding or anything like that.

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
You can change the destination to GP – File in order to generate an xml file with the output from SmartConnect. 

You should be able to see what the values are within the file for each line and compare them to the value in the header section of the xml file and see what is causing the discrepancy.

Joan Ludwig replied 4 years ago

I have one source file with two rows for each invoice to handle the line item distributions and I am getting the same Subtotal error message. The subtotal matches the Extended price because there is only one line item per invoice. but there are 2 rows in my spreadsheet for the sales and receivables distribution. How do I get around this error?

brent olsen answered 7 years ago
I have a similar issue but my multi data source is pulling from two views which I’ve created.  the line item views correctly displays my price as a decimal but when I Preview in SC it only shows the price as a whole number (truncates the decimals).  The map runs successfully if I manually update the costs and subtotals in my tables to whole numbers.
Is there a place in the data source where I can defiine the cost as decimal?

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