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Stored Procs not created for one GP database

Manny asked 4 years ago
We have one that does not have the SmartConnect stored procedures present.   I tried everything listed in this article, but no luck.
Any ideas?  This is only happening to 1 GP database. 
Lorren Zemke answered 4 years ago
Is System Maintenance running successfully or with errors? If there are some errors, it may be possible, that it’s not getting to that company to be able to create the stored procedures.
Depending on the number of companies, System Maintenance may take several minutes to run. You should see if reference updating GP Databases and then some additional tasks after that. 
Maybe you could post the results of the System Maintenance run.
Manny replied 4 years ago

Hi Lorren,

Thanks for the reply. I ended up contacting support. Today I was asked to to run a script to clear all event log data that was older than 7 days. After that then I was able to run system maintenance to re-create the stored procedures.

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