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Stored Procedure E1_RSMITEMCLASSCURRENCY doesn't exist error

DDoane asked 5 years ago
When running the map created using the Inventory>Inventory Classes node with both Create item class and Item Class Currency mapped, the error returned is “The stored procedure ‘E1_RSMITEMCLASSCURRENCY’ doesn’t exist”.  It doesn’t matter which order they are set to run.  Reviewing the SQL GP company database this map is being run does NOT have this stored procedure.  The error is correct.  We’ve run the SmartConnect System Maintenance.  This stored procedure is not being created on any of the GP databases.  How does this stored procedure get created?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
In my “Inventory | Item Classes” destination object, I only have “create item class” and not also a “Item Class Currency”.
With a proc name like “E1_RSMITEMCLASSCURRENCY” I would gather:
E1 – This is likely created with the eOne Node Builder application
RSM – This was likely created and installed by your partner RSM
The proc would get created by publishing the Node created with Node Builder into each destination company.  The “definition” for it exists in SC so you don’t want/need to publish that piece – just the stored proc itself.

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