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State is invalid, contract line cannot be updated!

Tudor asked 9 years ago
We have a GP->CRM Map which is mapping support invoice lines from GP to CRM. Right now its mapping the majority of the lines from GP to CRM contracts/contract lines without any issues, however, there are some Contract Lines for which I receive the following error "The state is invalid, this contract line cannot be updated."

Why would this happen? For one customer I am able to sync one out of 9 lines from GP to CRM but the other 8 do not sync. The data is exactly the same except for the start/end dates as each line starts one year and ends the next, the two lines in question are 2012/2013 works and 2013/2014 doesn't and neither does the 2011/2012 line….

I'm out of ideas as there isn't much I can see wrong. The GP data is the same, the contract is in draft mode in CRM and the map does not set any state for the contract or the lines….

Furthermore, I checked the contracts for which all the lines mapped to CRM and the data is the same as the ones which are not working (different customers etc.) but the same fields are filled in. Any ideas?

Right now about 700/900 contracts mapped properly with all of their lines while the other 200 don't have any lines due to this invalid state…

Thanks in advance!
Tudor replied 9 years ago

Problem fixed. Not sure what it was, but I deleted the contractline mapping and recreated it using the exact same fields and now all lines are being mapped to CRM. Weird but I don't know what it could be.

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