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Startup macro for SmartPost

Jim Harris asked 8 years ago
Has anyone been able to start smartpost processing using a macro?  I'm getting the processing window to open but still have to click the Start button.   Thx.
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

The SmartPost Process window is a Visual Studio Add-In window so it will not be available from the Dynamics Macro system.  You would need another tool that could macro both Dynamics GP windows and .NET windows.

DavidM replied 8 years ago

I would be interested in any way to make this work with a Macro myself. We kill off all GP sessions at midnight, and it would be rather important to be able to automatically have GP and SmartPost start back up, ready to start posting on startup.

Could you expand on your answer about "another tool that could macro both Dynamics GP windows and .NET windows"?

The alternative would be to enhance your SmartPost product, maybe add a checkbox in Setup(SmartPost Options) to "Start Processing on GP Startup"? A "Posting" product like this that you can't keep up and running doesn't do anyone much good ;-}

Lorren replied 8 years ago

David,Here is a product that may work, it’s called AutoHotKey. You can program it to replicate user key strokes. I do not know how it would behave in Dynamics GP. will enter a suggestion for an enhancement.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago


I’m a bit late to the party here and you probably have found your workaround/solution using a keystroke application such as Lorren suggested.

But I thought I would note for future readers that the ability to use a GP macro on the start & stop button in the SmartPost Process was added to SmartPost 2015 (and 2016+) in later versions of SmartPost.

You can install the new version and will find that those buttons (and I think the close box to close the window) will now be macro-able.


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