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SSRS Report to GP

Matthew Falle asked 6 years ago
Hello,�Just wondering if SmartConnect will be able to help me with a process I plan to construct. I have SSRS reports that I will convert to a PDF then I want to use SmartConnect to attach them as invoices in GP.Would SmartConnect be able to help me with this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
Yes and no. 
“No” because there isn’t anything in eConnect from Microsoft that allows document attachments.  So out of the box, eConnect can’t do this.
“Yes” because if you write your own stored procedure, SmartConnect can call it like any other eConnect proc. You’d just have to write the business logic to handle the insert into the table(s) that contain the document attachment.  I would assume you’d also have to write a method to convert a file on the local machine into the serialized data to insert to the doc attach table.
So once that is written, SmartConnect could call it and then yes you would be able to insert the file into the GP doc attach.
Matthew Falle replied 6 years ago

Thanks Patrick! That solves my question 🙂

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