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SQL View Smartlist Builder not populating all data in Smartlist

Brenda Hopkins asked 3 years ago
I have create a SQL View and added to Smartlist Builder.  In SQL I get 3505 records.  In Smartlist with no filters, I only get 2197 records.
I have deleted the Smartlist Builder Object and created again with another name, same results.
I have full SA rights.
I have Refresh the Cache.
What could be wrong?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
Step one in troubleshooting ANY SLB SmartList is to enable the GP DexSQL.log to see the SQL Query being created and executed by SLB.
Look for errors (you probably won’t have any in your case but in general look for them).  Then take that statement from the dexsql.log and execute in SSMS and compare.
Brenda Hopkins replied 3 years ago

I had a restriction in SQL on the Invoice Date, only the Credit Memos were showing not the invoices, once I removed the restriction that it worked fine in Smartlist. (I just created the restriction within Smartlist Builder instead)
Not sure why this would be correct in SQL and not flow into Smartlist Builder???

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