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SQL Server Express edition

Alma asked 5 years ago
Can we use SQL Server Express edition to host the SmartConnect database?
I’m coming across a situation where we need to migrate a SmartConnect database from a hosted server to on-premise server, but we already have a SmartConnect database on the on-premise server.  We are still using SC version 2015, so we cannot provide a name for the SC database.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
We haven’t officially tested SQL Server Express with SmartConnect however I’ve answered this same question many other times with “it should work fine” and haven’t ever heard back differently.
Alma replied 5 years ago

OK. I guess we will just have to test it. Thanks, Patrick.

DB Singh replied 5 years ago

How much maximum space required for SmartConnect database on SQL server 2016.?

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