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SQL Script is invalid

Patty asked 6 years ago
Created a view in SQL.  Permission = dyngrp as select.  Added to SmartList Builder > Security > SQL Table Security.  The view is checked for all companies.
SmartList Builder:  When adding the select * from v_dd_invalid_timesheets I get “SQL script is invalid” 
Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

And this is in your “add sql script”, not a calculation?

Don’t see why it shouldn’t work for you if the name is valid. Or I guess if there isn’t a problem in the view itself that throws an error. You should turn on the dexsql.log and test this. Then look in the log to see the statement and the error. Pay attention to the context – you’ll see a “use” statement above the query to know what DB it should run in. By default it should run in your current company db

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