SQL Permission Requirements

We noticed that after the initial install of SmartPost, the sql SmartPost user that got created was setup to have the sysadmin sql role. 
Does anyone know if the system administrator rights required for this sql user in the course of daily operations?  Or could this account be scaled back to lower permissions only on the GP databases that it will interact with?

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For sure that smartpost user doesn’t need sysadmin rights and I would encourage you to pare those back quite a bit.
I think the idea was to just make sure the user also had login rights and permissions to the GP & smartpost tables etc but no, we don’t NEED sysadmin rights.  Maybe at one point but not currently.
You should only have to make the smartpost user DYNGRP in DYNAMICS & all companies and then make sure that all the objects in DYNAMICS are DYNGRP permissions – running grant.sql in the DYNAMICS db will do the latter for you.
Smartpost should work fine in this configuration.

Thanks for this – much appreciated! run 3

Noeh Chance Kim July 13, 2020 at 10:07pm

Young Hope July 14, 2020 at 2:48am
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