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SQL Native Client is not installed – error when installing SC

Sherry Whitten asked 8 years ago
We are getting this error message during the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 installation portion of SmartConnect installation –  “SQL Native Client is not installed.  Please install SQL Native Client and re-run this installation.”   SQL Native client is definitely installed on this box; we can see it in ODBCs.  What are we missing?  This is a new server with fresh installs of everything.
Geoff James replied 6 years ago

Hi Sherry, Thank you for the answer. That resolved the issue for us as well. Is the correct Econnect version going to be added to the 2016 version?
Geoff James

Geoff James replied 6 years ago

Hi Sherry,
Sorry it should have been addressed to Patrick.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

The eOne install hasn’t changed as far as I know. To be honest, I personally wouldn’t have put the eConnect install with the eOne SmartConnect install because then you are dependent as well on the pre-reqs for that other application. Seems better to me to just say “You need eConnect installed for this to work” and let the user install from the GP media.

Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
You must not have the right version of that driver loaded that the eConnect install is looking for.
The simplest way to resolve this is to launch the Setup from the GP media.  It will install the pre-reqs for GP/eConnect for you.
And once you do that, I would suggest that you install eConnect from the GP media as well since it would be the most up to date available.
Now when you install SC, you don’t have to choose to install eConnect.
Sherry Whitten answered 8 years ago
That is exactly what we did, and it worked.  I would’ve thought the SmartConnect media would’ve had what we need, but it didn’t.  Thanks.

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