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SQL ID Key Field

Pieter du Toit asked 4 years ago
I want to upload data from Excel into a SQL table.  The SQL table have an auto ID field which comes up as required when I build my map but I don’t want to upload anything into it – I just want SQL to assign the ID as the map uploads the records.  How can I accomplish this?
Pieter du Toit answered 4 years ago
Never mind – I figured it out.  Just create a Global Rolling Column.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Cool – thanks for the update.

Assuming that this field is an “Identity” field in SQL, I believe also what you can do is just put in a constant into that field.

While that seems dumb, I believe SC is “Smart” to notice that the field is indeed an Identity column and doesn’t pass a value to it on the call to SQL. From there, the identity just auto populates itself normally.

This is probably why the rolling column works as well, you have the column mapped (to make the required field in the UI happy) but the value isn’t actually being passed to the SQL table.

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