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SQL Destination Multiple Table Mapping

Russell Nash asked 2 years ago
I see that when I create a map, I can Map the destination to 2 sql tables. I havent actually tried it yet..  my idea is import the data into Table_Production and Table_Dev (when I can use it).   So it looks like I have to manually setup the 2nd map,  was wondering if there is like a copy button 🙂  or faster way to copying the map to a second table
Oluwadamilola Ajayi answered 2 years ago
Hi Russell,
You don’t need to set up two maps, as long as the tables are in the same database you can map to the two on the same map. When you set up your SQL destination, you can select as many tables as you would like to map to. Click the ellipsis button next to the table field, then mark the check box of the tables you want to map, click “ok” and it should appear as an available node. 

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