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SQL Collation

Matt Connor asked 8 years ago
On the same SQL query as my previous post: USE DYNAMICS insert into Activity (USERID, CMPNYNAM, LOGINDAT, LOGINTIM, SQLSESID, Language_ID, IsWebClient) values (‘jp1′,’Test Company’, ’14/05/2015 00:00:00′, ’01/01/1900 22:24:36′, 9708, 1, 0) I note that this would fail on a case sensitive or binary SQL collation, Activity should of course be ACTIVITY Thanks Matt’
Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 years ago
I took at look and my insert looks like yours.
I suspect that this would cause GP to crash due to the SQL insert error that would occur the same as the SQL Date Format issue you had brought up previously.
I wrote this up as bug 11509.

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