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Source Data field not populating in MSSQL TASK

Jothikrishnan asked 2 years ago
I’m trying to create the Project Employee Access List through SQL Task while creating new employee records thru map. so Im passing Emp ID and Department Code from Source Query to SQL Task. Emp ID is being replaced but not the department code at all. Emp Record is being created with the same Emp Id and department code without issues. But not working on this task. I have tried at least 20 or more times but couldnt figure out why.
 insert PA01408(PACONTNUMBER, PAPROJNUMBER, EMPLOYID ) SELECT distinct  PACONTNUMBER, PAPROJNUMBER,’_GPEMPID’  from PA01201 p where p.PADepartment =’_DepartmentCodeNew ‘ and p.pastat in (1,4) except select PACONTNUMBER, PAPROJNUMBER, EMPLOYID from PA01408 with(nolock)
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Make sure that you pick the global variables from the “insert variable” and not type them in manually to make sure case correct and how SC sees the variables.

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