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Source contains separate column for each segment of the account

Tamara DeStefano asked 4 years ago
I am trying to pick up the account number based with a calculated field that combines three columns of the source data. Here is the calculation: return “_JOURNALACCOUNTCODE&”-“&_DEPARTMENT&”-“&_EMPL_REGION”. I’ve confirmed all three columns contain the correct number of digits and that they are valid in the GP company, yet, I am getting this error:
Error in ‘MsGpDestination’
Line ‘taPMDistribution_AB83FF4A-A994-45F9-B628-AA09000B33019’
Parameter ‘Account number’.
Parameter set value event.
Calculation column: ACCOUNTNUMBER : Conversion from string “_JOURNALACCOUNTCODE&” to type ‘Double’ is not valid.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Lorren Zemke answered 4 years ago
You have too many quotes in you logic. Try the following
If the column data for each segment is considered a number, you may have to do the folloiwing.
return _JOURNALACCOUNTCODE.ToString() & “-” & _DEPARTMENT.ToString() & “-” & _EMPL_REGION.ToString()

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