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SOP “Update Existing” Problems

Carl asked 9 years ago
I am working on creating an SOP map to modify SOP document line items, but it seems like fields that I am not mapping such as customer po number, address, and requested ship dates are defaulting to blank or today's date. On both the header and line item maps, I have the "Update existing" checkbox checked, and the "Update if exists" set to TRUE. Is there something that I am missing?
lorren replied 9 years ago


Are you saying it is changing some of the values that are not mapped?


Carl replied 9 years ago

Yes, I did not map requested ship date, address, or customer PO number yet the ship date defaulted to the GP system date, address defaulted to the primary address on the customer card, and the PO number became blank. "Undate blank" was unchecked, "Update existing" was checked, and the Update existing" field was set to TRUE. I'm going to have to run more tests. 

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
If a map is updating values that are not mapped, then that is being caused by the way Microsoft designed those eConnect nodes. In that case you will need to provide data to those fields that they are modifying. 

If you are doing updates you can use the sql lookup task to pull the current values out of each of those fields and just map them back to themselves to keep the data the same as eConnect won't do any of its defaulting values logic if you provide a value to the specific fields.


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