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SOP transactions uploaded and posted twice – need to create a map to void these transactions

Deanne asked 6 years ago
Client uploaded SOP transactions (Sales/Invoices, Debit memos, Credit memos, Payments) twice (yes – they uploaded the same file 2 separate times).  The transactions are all in the same batch.  Is it possible to void all these transactions through an update via Smartconnect?  The upload file contains customer number, customer name, document number, document type, document date, sales amount, batch number and original trx amount.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
There is a node in SmartConnect which is called void sales document. It requires the Sales Document Type and Sales document number to process. You would want to create a map that uses your data source mapped to that node.
Deanne replied 6 years ago

Thank you Lorren – we have an excel spreadsheet with the documents to void. Can we void payments and credit/debit memos as well with this?

Deanne replied 6 years ago

The file I have has sales document number and type. Will this work if the document is a payment? Will the invoice become open with this map? Should this be done in a multi step process? (void payments to open the invoices, then void the invoices?)

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