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SOP Payment Insert Record with SC Connector for GP 9, GP 2010

Stephanie Arce asked 9 years ago
We're using the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector for GP 9 version, but using GP 2010.

With Smartconnect we're trying to add invoice line items, create payments (grouped), and create sales transactions (grouped) into the Sales Order node of the Sales Order Processing group.

This seems to be working fine except for 1 thing – for invoices that are to be paid via EFT, we can't find where the checkbox is in GP to set this as an EFT invoice. We don't see anything on the "Destination Parameters" side of the mapping in SC.

We then looked at the taCreateSopPaymentInsertRecord stored procedure, and found a "PROCESSELECTRONICALLY" option. We edited the node in SmartConnect but that doesn't seem to be what we're looking for – that seems to set the invoice up for credit card info but we want to use EFT to draw from using bank account info. 

If anyone can help we'd appreciate it so much!

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