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SOP Number field length

Brian asked 10 years ago
I am reviewing the field mappings for a map that was developed by a former employee. The map creates SOP transactions.  I noticed that the length of the source data coming into the SOPNumbe field is 20 characters.  The transactions import into GP successfully however, GP doesn't accept a document number that long when using sales document inquiry.  I was unable to even enter a document into our dev database using the same document number.  How is SmartConnect able to import these documents?
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Lorren answered 10 years ago

This is able to be imported because the value is truncated by eConnect when the XML sent through to SQL.

You could write a document task using C# or VB.NET to check the length of the source file column and fail the document so it isn't imported.
Melanie Knight replied 7 years ago

I’m having the same issue in Cash Receipts but the table is storing the larger number in the database. So, what do you mean by truncating? Also, we are testing prior to our upgrade to GP2015 and SmartConnect and it no longer integrates the longer number. Was that something that was changed in SmartConnect?

Thank you,
Melanie Knight

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


Since this is a different map completely (and with a different symptom), you really ought to have created a new thread. You could perhaps have linked the URL of this thread in if you believed it relevant.

No biggie but if another user looks at the title of _this_ thread it won’t make sense in light of your response.

So as far as that goes – nothing in SmartConnect has changed at all. It is the underlying procs Microsoft eConnect procs that are different.

“… and it no longer integrates the longer number”

For me and the readers, you might have mentioned the error. (it is 12004).

And this is correct because on GP 2015 there are now recurring cash receipts and so they are limited to 17 characters in the “work” tables so that they can have 001, 002 appended to them for recurring documents.

If you go into the GP UI for RM Cash Receipts – you’ll only be able to enter 17 characters as well even though the table itself still can hold 20 (or 21 I forget).


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