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SOP items with 0 inventory, need to backorder

Tom asked 4 years ago
I am building the map to import our sales orders from csv files, and I am am having a problem with the status of the line items when complete.  I have my map set to DropShip=FALSE, but all of the items have a zero quantity.  When imported, I would expect a line item with qty 10 to show:
Qty to invoice =0
Qty Fulfilled = 0
Qty cancelled = 0
Qty to BackOrder = 10
Instead it shows Qty to Invoice = 10
everything else is 0
I have only mapped the item quantity field in the map, thinking that GP would know what to do if stock were needed.
Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
By default, eConnect will override quantity shortages so this is the behavior would expect (per econnect sdk)
Otherwise on the ‘add line item’ node you want to switch the quantity shortage option field to one of the other options.  In your case most likely set to “4=Back Order balance”.
As an aside, you should also map the DOCID field on the SOP Line as well. It is required on the SOP Header but not on the SOP Line and is used for allocation.  Since yours is for back order won’t come into play but might at some other point.
Tom answered 4 years ago
Thanks Patrick.  Worked perfectly

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