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SOP Invoice Line Document

jwilliams asked 9 years ago


I'm trying to include SOP Line Item customizations built with Extender on a Report Writer SOP document (Order/Invoice) in GP2013.  The field comes up blank.

I can see the key is passing correctly.  My key order is Sales Document No first followed by Line Sequence.  I am passing:


in the function call.  This is correct according to the guide.  I dug deeper (found a MS KB) that says if you are in doubt about the key to pass, query the EXT00100 table.  I did that, but the table comes up empty.  I can see my data in the other EXT tables, but nothing in EXT00100.  My invoices are unposted.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago

The first thing I would recommend doing is making sure the order of the keys in the setup of the window as well as in the EXT01100 where the data is going to be.  The EXT01100 is the new table in 2013 that would be the same as the EXT00100 in 2010.

Then, the two calculated fields that you have are going to look something like the following.
Key Fields Calculation:

Extender Field Calculation:
FUNCTION_SCRIPT( rw_TableHeaderString 3107 “EXTRA_SOP_INFO” KeyFieldsCalc 0 1 )

In the calculation above, the EXTRA_SOP_INFO would be the ID of your Extender window and the KeyFieldsCalc would be the name or your calculated field for the keys.

Also, you may want to take a look at the document at the following link that outlines all the tables for Extender 2013.


jwilliams replied 9 years ago

Thanks Nicole.

I’m actually trying to bring these fields into the SOP Options invoice, so the tables you mentioned don’t exist.

Instead I am using:


Just to see if I can manually pull the first line item into the report. I am writing this calculated field directly into the report so I can see the values. It shows:


….which looks correct. The second calculated field I have setup as follows:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT( rw_TableHeaderString 3107

Nicole answered 9 years ago
This looks like you are doing it correct if it is pulling in the key value to the report correctly. If you look in the EXT01100 table, you do see a record with the Extender_Key_Values_1 of INV000000001 and the Extender_Key_Values_2 of 16384, correct? I have never tried putting line data onto a report that doesn’t contain the line value and hard coding it to pass the first line, but if the key pulls in correctly, in theory it should work if the data exists. replied 9 years ago

We worked with David Younquist,  he had written a script that we use to update line item / Extender data.   We also have a inquiry view for that same line item data in SOP, where we can reference that info by line…   Troy

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