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Sop Integration Troubleshooting

Terrry Peterson asked 9 years ago
We have an integration set up with a smartconnect map to bring data into Sop as invoices. It's running correctly with the exception of at times when we update the source table where the invoices are coming from as imported, which is being done on the task of a successful document in SmartConnect the order isnt actually in GP.  I have since changed the task to actually look at the sop work table for the existence of the invoice, and only upon finding it updating the integration table. I have created a report that reads the integrated orders and finds if they are in gp and reports the ones that aren't. I've tried to troubleshoot in sql profiler and havent caught it. The map is is now running in a sql job and the step prior to running the map is to reset the values of invoices that it thinks are in GP but arent. This was sucessful up until today when the customer reported there were invoices on the report. I logged in and reviewed they are not in gp, ran the report and they show, reset them, ran the map and had profiler turned on and of course they came in. I added database triggers in sop to record deletes but that is really messy and hard to read results. I am now emailing results when the job runs from the report, the data that it fixes, and results of import. I'm stuck between the map not actually getting the sop records in and somehow they are being removed in gp later? my update script leads me to believe they are actually in the work table but somehow get removed. I'm monitoring erros on maps, econnect,applications and so far nothing. Any other ideas? Anyone else ever seen this?  Its gp2010 11.00.2044 and SmartConnect 
lorren replied 9 years ago


Let me try to understand.  The SOP Documents are getting created and somehow getting deleted later?  Or does it seem that the integration is failing to create the SOP Documents?

My first recommendation would be upgrade SmartConnect to the latest 2013 release.


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