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SOP Import not working with DropShip, wrong Purchasing Status in SOP10200

Tom asked 4 years ago
So as the title implies, I have a map that has been working with non-dropship orders.  We just started with dropship, so I am working through some of the issues that came up with the change.
The first change was to set the QtyShrtOpt field to 2. Override Shortage.  That got the import map working.
Now, when I go to create a PO from the imported SO, I get a message on each PO line item that the purchasing status needs to be set.  Apparently for each line item added to the SO, the Purchasing Status field in SOP10200 (PURCHSTAT) is set to 1, when it should be 2.  I looked for a SmartConnect map with the PUCHSTAT field, but could not find any.  
Has anyone been able to import dropship orders?  Am I doing something wrong or missing anything?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
There isn’t a param for PURCHSTAT that I could see which makes sense – the system should figure this out for you.
But if it’s figuring it out wrong (which you suggest) then it would be a bug in the underlying eConnect proc.
You should be able to send the XML to Dynamics GP – File and submit a support case to Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect Support.
Give then the particulars of your data if necessary (or ideally repro on lesson data) and they could take a closer look and determine the issue.
From a SmartConnect perspective, the only thing you could do is run an after document or after map task and update the PUCHSTAT field directly in SQL which is a bit risky since I/we don’t know exactly what else might be wrong or what it should be set to.
Tom Repetti answered 4 years ago
Thanks Patrick.  I was looking into a document-level SQL script to correct the value, but I would need to be able to extract the SOPNUMBE from the import to use in the WHERE clause.  I have  GP Rolling Column called Next_SOP, but I am not sure how to pass it to SQL, nor do I know if doing so on each line would continue to increment the SOP number.  
Any Suggestions?
Lorren Zemke replied 4 years ago


On the GP Rolling Column, check the Box “use For global variable”. This will put that value into the GlobalRollingColumn variable that you can use in your document level tasks.

Tom Repetti replied 4 years ago

Worked perfect Lorren. Thank you

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