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SOP import map not bringing salesperson ID to SOP30300 table.

Rich asked 6 years ago
We have a map that imports in SOP transactions and they are going in correctly to the RM20101 table in that the transaction is credited to the sales rep associated with the customer card. However the line item transaction itself is not showing any data in the SLPRSNID field in the SOP30300 table. This creates problems with our sales item reporting.
To remedy this I tried using an SQL lookup field that should have inserted the SLPRSNID field into the record when the source column of customer ID matched the CUSTNMBR field in the RM00101 table, I then added this in the “add line item” mapping with no success.
If I look in the sales item detail entry window prior to posting the batch the Salesperson ID and Territory ID are both blank.
Any thoughts on how to get the salesperson ID to correctly populate in the SOP30300 table.
I am using GP 2013 R2 and SmartConnect

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
If you don’t have commissions marked (setting the create commissions flag in the create sales transaction node set to 1) then eConnect will remove the Salesperson ID from the line.
That is the way it works in GP as well.  if you don’t have commission records – GP will do the same thing.
Rich answered 6 years ago
My temporary fix for the moment is to run the following:
Update SOP30300
Set SOP30300.SLPRSNID = (Select RM20101.SLPRSNID From RM20101 Where RM20101.DOCNUMBR = SOP30300.SOPNUMBE)
Where SOP30300.SLPRSNID = ‘ ‘
As the purpose of this tool is automation I would prefer not to have to do this each time we upload transactions.

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