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SOP Import does not run

Bill Brennan asked 9 years ago
Hello all, I duplicated a map that I have been running in a test company to run in a different GP company. There are no restrictions in the map and I have a small sample file to import and test. When I run the map, it stays on Processing Records and does nothing else. I see the ta stored procs in the company. No errors are being received and I can simply close the window. Using GP 10 with version 10.00.0060. I can preview the data without error. All help appreciated. Thanx Bill Brennan
Lorren replied 9 years ago


are you using the same exact file for the import?  What is your data file type?

you could try resetting the datasource after duplicating the map?


Bill Brennan replied 9 years ago

Hi Lorren, I am using a different source file and have resolved all differences. If I point back to the original target company it runs and throws errors due to different doc setups, but it runs. When I point back to the new target it just sits after showing the row count. I am an admin user.Bill

thenderson replied 9 years ago

Has anyone found a resolution to this I am having the same issue with a GL map that used to work and just stopped.

Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

Make sure your excel file doesn't have any blank rows or columns as this would cause an issue.  Highlight the blank rows, right-click and click delete.  Same with blank columns

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