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SOP Distribution map

Debi asked 7 years ago
I’ve created a SOP Transaction import and have set the ‘Create Distributions’ in the Sales Transaction Node to ‘True’.  The import is running successfully but when I review the batch edit list there are distribution errors at the line item level but the summary distributions are correct.  Any help is appreciated. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
If you have the “create distributions” set to TRUE then that means that eConnect is going to create them all for you.
So if you are using this, typically you’d want to make sure to not import any distributions yourself using the ‘add distribution’ node.
The other thing I guess could be that the nodes are somehow out of order:
if you look a the econnect sdk:
it tells us the XML node order. You can send your output to Dynamics GP – File and compare that against the SDK.  But they should be correct out of the box unless you changed it (smartconnect lets you do this).
But assuming you aren’t importing any distributions yourself and are finding the nodes correctly in order, you’d want to contact Microsoft GP Developer Support as they would support the actual functionality of the node that creates the distributions.
Debi replied 7 years ago

Thank you very much Patrick. I was able to resolve.

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