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Smartview will not display in Newly Created Companies

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 10 years ago
I have just installed Smartview for GP 2013. The first company allowed the Views to be created correctly and all of the smartlists come up in that company's smartview window.  However, the smartview window was empty in all of my newly created company databases. I  followed other tech tips to create / update views, make sure the smartview password was ok in SQL.    I checked the databases and the views are created, but stll no luck.   I noticed that the smartvew user never got added to the other (newly created) databases, so I added him and to the databases and DYNGRP, and went through the Create/Update process again, but stll no luck.    I also ran the script for the external smartview, and still no smartlists, no UserID and No Company name show up in the smartview window.  When I try and create the views in any other company, I cannot log out becuase "Processes running in background"  and I have let this run for a very long time… Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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