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SmartView user setup

Terry asked 8 years ago
I am new to SmartView. I had browsed the User Manual, but cannot find the following: 1. How do I provide access to run SmartView to users in GP security tasks? I found the windows, but cannot determine which windows are needed. The users will only get the ability to run SmartView reports, not create new SmartViews. 2. How do I convert SmartLists assigned to GP roles to SmartView roles? Thanks, Terry
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
In the Security Task Setup window you will need to create a new task or grant access to SmartView in an existing task.  You can then set the Product to SmartView, Type to Windows, and Series to Financial to grant access to SmartView.  You can alos grant access to more features if you switch the series to System.  

A user will not be able to create a new list unless they have access to SmartList Builder.  If you grant them access to Add SmartView Favorite they will be able to create favorites under any list they have access to.

Any lists a user has access to in SmartList will have access to in SmartView once they have access to SmartView.

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