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SmartView / SmartList Builder and Negative Numbers

Rob asked 9 years ago
We have both SmartView and SmartList Builder and are running into a problem. We are trying to modify the built-in Sales > Receivables Transactions SmartList to show the original transaction amount and current transaction amount columns with negative values if the document type is a payment, credit memo, return, etc.. Using SmartList Builder we’ve modified the existing SmartList and have used the “Negative Values” options on the Set Field Options window to setup the negative value rules. If we run the SmartList in GP’s built in SmartList, the column correctly shows negative values for the document types we’ve selected. However, if we run the same SmartList in SmartView, all of the numbers appear as positive numbers regardless of document type. Any clue why this isn’t working in SmartView outside of a bug or something?
Best Answer
Jared answered 9 years ago
This has been fixed in our latest build and will be available for download soon.
Rob replied 9 years ago

It’s been a few months since the last update and I’m not seeing the updated build available to download. Is there an estimate on when the update will be available?

bestof Solutions Ltd replied 9 years ago

Have same issue at my customers. Please provide release number with the update for download.

Joseph Guyton answered 8 years ago
We’re having the exact same issue.  Is there a solution to this problem?  I even went into SmartList Builder, reset the display negative number criteria and refreshed the lists.  The criteria is set to display a negative number if the document type is a Credit Memo or Return.  The Quantities and extended price are still showing as positive numbers.
Thanks – Joe Guyton

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