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Smartview for GPWebClient

Tony Fernandez asked 3 years ago
We would like to have available the Smarview Icon for Clients that purchased ( of course ) via GP WEB CLIENT. This could be a icon just like the current icon for smartlist …. if you view smarview is because you rather use this than smartlist.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 3 years ago
Unfortunately SmartView will not work in the GP Web Client because of the way it is written and how the web client works.  With the GP Web Client, you will want to use SmartView External.  It will work the same as the one that is in the GP desktop client except for it does not have the GoTos since you are not running it inside GP.
You could create a shortcut to SmartView External to launch it from within the Web Client, but it is still going to launch the client from the machine outside of the browser.

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