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Smartview External adding New Company

klewis10367 asked 10 years ago
I created a new Great Plains Company, and i am trying to grant access to it for my external Smartview user…when i go to select the Company…it is not there for selection? What am i missing?
andrew replied 10 years ago

This is a known issue that is scheduled to be fixed in a future version. In the meantime, you can run the following script in your DYNAMICS database to fix it.

insert into SV10100
(USERID, CMPANYID, External_Access, Default_Company)
select C.* from
(select USERID, CMPANYID, 0 as External_Access, 0 as Default_Company from
(select USERID from SV10000) A cross join (select CMPANYID from SY01500) B) C
left join SV10100 on SV10100.USERID = C.USERID and SV10100.CMPANYID = C.CMPANYID
where SV10100.USERID is null

klewis replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply…after some sql tracing and the such, i had figured out that was the problem and manually updated that table.

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