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Smartview crashes GP when entering parameters

Tracey asked 6 years ago
For Smartview version 14.0.6
GP is crashing while I am entering parameters in Filter Editor. When I choose a field and use the “Is Between” filter, I can key in the first part of the range. When I either tab to or click on the second part, GP will crash. I have been trying to do a range of Document Number and then I tried a second one of Document Date with the same result. I am using the Payables Transactions list. I had the same result with a saved favorite as well as the “header” list.
Robin replied 5 years ago

Has this been resolved? is there a service pack? thanks

Jessica replied 5 years ago

We confirmed with eOne today that yes, it’s still a problem. the “Is Between” filter will crash SmartView.

The current workaround is to not use “Is Between”. So for example I typically see people using “Is Between” with data fields. So they will do something with “Posted Date” is between 1/1/2017 and 8/25/2017. Instead of using “Is Between”, you create 2 filters, one that says “Posted Date” >=1/1/2017 AND “Posted Date” <=8/25/2017. We use a 3rd party grid control from DevExpress for the filters, and we can’t fix SmartView until they releases a new grid control dll. So you have to use the greater than and less than filters instead of using in between. The greater than and less than filters ALWAYS work and will not crash SmartView.

Jorge Mejia replied 5 years ago

We are having the same problem. Has this been resolved?

Mounia Chaib replied 4 years ago

Has this issue been resolved?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
That is a known issue with SmartView on some OS/Machines with a control that SmartView is using.  For example, I can never repro this but another customer mentioned that it happens on all their Windows 10 Surface machines but not their other machines on Windows 7.
We’re in the process of re-writing SmartView to remove the dependency on that control but I don’t have a timeframe for that release.
Tracey replied 6 years ago

Thank you Patrick for an answer.
The customer is using Azure so I believe all the client machines are Windows Server 2012 R2. What is my workaround? Don’t use the In Between filter? Are there other known triggers that crash Smartview with this OS?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
New versions o SmartView External 2.054, SV 2016 16.0.5, and SV 2018 18.0.6 all have updated DevExpress components where the bug seems to be resolved (ie no longer crashes SV/GP)

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