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SmartView and reformatting fields

Margaret Saville asked 8 years ago
Hi, I am familiar with your SmartList Builder product, but I have a customer who needs help and only has your SmartView product.  They are exporting some payroll data and need to reformat a field with payroll transaction amounts (from a payroll transaction history SmartList view) to remove the currency formatting because they are sending this in to another company.  I looked through some of the SmartView windows and the manual but couldn't seem to find anything like this – is there a way to do this with just SmartView?  They have to export this file to CSV so that leading zeroes on the employee id's are not removed by Excel, so we are hoping to be able to reformat the field so it doesn't have to be opened with Excel.  Or is there a way to format something differently in SmartView to retain the leading zeroes on the employee id column so that they can just open this with Excel and remove the currency formatting within Excel?
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
There isn't a way to format the fields with SmartView.  What version of SmartView and Excel are they using?  I am thinking it is Excel that is removing the leading zeros because it is formatting it as a number.  I tried a similar setup on my system with SmartView 12.0.25 and Excel 2013 and I can't recreate the problem.

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