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Smartview 44,581 rows too big?

Sherry asked 9 years ago
User is trying to export a report that is 44,581 lines.  She gets the message:  The output file is too big.  Try to reduce the number of its pages, or split it into several documents.  Is there a size limit for Smartview exports?  What is it?  Thanks.
gsparker414 replied 9 years ago

I have got users running into the same issue but it does not seem to be consistant.  Sometimes they will get it on 30k rows and other times it is 50k rows before they get the error.  I am curious to rather it is a limit of some kind or a cache buffer issue.  We have tried all the maintenance things and still getting it.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Best Answer
martin answered 9 years ago
There was a limit in the export of 1,000,000 cells.  So not 1,000,000 lines bu cells. So by reducing hte numbe of columns exported often was a way around that..  Are you using a recent version  – as I believe this limitation was removed in leter builds. 

gsparker414 replied 9 years ago

We are using the latest build of SmartVIew 2010 – 11.0.41.

martin replied 9 years ago

I will look into that.

The other option is to simply CTRL C and CTRL V into excel.  It is actually much faster way of getting the data out to Excel. 

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