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SmartList Only Returning One Record

Charles asked 2 years ago
A customer has a SmartList only returning one record. I checked the source tables/views and they are returning records. I got the SQL and ran it in a query window and got results. There are no restrictions and no record count limits. 
I created a new SmartList with the same tables and it’s displaying just fine. 
Has anybody run into the issue with a SmartList returning one record when it should return multiple records? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I got the SQL”
Got the SQL from where?  The BEST way to get that SQL is to use either a SQL Profile Trace or else use a GP DexSQL.log because you have to get the exact SQL that is being executed by SLB.
In your case, if you get 1 record back then either:
1. You have the limit set to 1 record (ie select top 1) vs the typical 1000
2. you have a restriction on the smartlist that limits the data to just that one record (per whatever criteria)
3. You have the report set to Summary and the summary fields just happen to be the exact field(s) needed to compress many records down to 1 record (and not 3 or 7 or whatever)
If I had to take a guess – I’d suspect #3 above.

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