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Smartlist of Extender Window values is blank (GP 2013 R2)

Steve asked 8 years ago
I created a simple add-on window in Extender linked to the the Customer Maintenance window. I added some fields and filled in about 4 records. I created a View from this Window and see the 4 records in the list.
Then I created a SmartList in SM Builder. I used the Extender Resource as the basis. The SmartList comes up with no records. I tried again by creating a new smartlist linking the RM Customer Master table with the Extender window (Customer Number is the linked field). Still no records in the smartlist (tried both equal and outer joins).
What am I doing wrong?
Steve Simon
PDG Consultants
Steve Simon answered 8 years ago
Figured out the answer to my own question (with the help of an article by Victoria Yudin. She reminded me that I need to set SM Builder Security on the View. So first create a View from the Extender Window. Next check that view off in the SM Builder Security. Then use SM Builder to create a SmartList from a View – that view of the Extender Window. and Bingo!
Steve Simon
PDG Consultants

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