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Smartlist Inactivity Inquiry & Deletion

Corey G asked 9 years ago
I'm looking to find a way to run a report to show when each Smartlist query was last used?  Upon such inactivity determination, I then would like to delete those no longer used.  Please advise if there's a query/report to identify this and how to delete the individual Smartlists?

Thank you,
Best Answer
Martin answered 9 years ago
Corey,  Are you referring to generic SmartLists or SmartList Builder lists? The best option is to take those you belive are no longer used and remove security to those lists/favorites.  If no one screams in an acceptable perios of time you should be good to remve them. (wise to keep a backup just in case).
Corey G replied 9 years ago

Martin, I'm referring to the SmarList Builder list of reports.  Can you advise how to remove security to the lists? They are available to everyone right now but I would like to 'hide' them for awhile and see who screams.  Thank you for the guidance.

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