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Smartlist Favorites missing

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj asked 4 years ago
We have upgraded from GP 2015 R2 to 2016 R2 mid last year, except one company XYZ. Then we upgraded the XYZ in Last month. Interim, we had several SmartList favorites created in XYZ , but they are missing now. I learnt that Smartlist favorites are stored on ASIEXP81 in DYNAMICS. When I looked at the table on Old DYNAMICS DB. I didn’t find it there either. Not sure if your version of SL Builder also stores in there along with Microsoft’s SL version ? If not, can you please advise on how to recover that.
Thanks for your help.
Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj replied 4 years ago

To add to the above….When we upgraded it was also server migration. We had XYZ still on old sever until migration. When we upgraded we didnt move anything out from DYNAMICS Db.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

“Not sure if your version of SL Builder also stores in there along with Microsoft’s SL version ?”

Neither version does directly- when you create a Favorite in SmartList, that is 100% SmartList and not SLB that is saving the favorite.

So there wouldn’t be any different in where the Favorite data “lives” in either version of GP as that hasn’t changed in SmartList.

if you don’t see the records for the favorites on the ‘old dynamics db’, then that means someone deleted the smartlist in SLB at some point and so SLB would have deleted the smartlist in the ASI tables along with the favorite records that went with it.

My suggestion would have “restore the ASI* tables from the old database” but since they aren’t there currently – you’d have to find an old backup to pull them from.

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj replied 4 years ago

Hi Patrick,

Thank you very much for the clarifications. I was able to find it from the old backup and restore.

Best Regards,

Beat Bucher answered 2 years ago
Hi Pat,
What else is required aside of the ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86 tables to get a ‘Favorite’ SL back again after a server migration.. Somehow during an upgrade & merger of 2 DYNAMICS instances, several Favorites got lost.. The records  are in the table and match the Company ID, but they are not showing up in the SL.. The SLB solutions were all exported and imported back into the new server.. but here we’re talking about regular SmartList Favorites.. 
Beat replied 1 month ago

This is 2 years-old and I’m bumping into my own question left un-answered at the time. I’ve a case where after reseting some default SmartLists in GP 2016R2 because the ‘generic’ SL from SmartList Builder was freezing GP when running “Item Quantities”, it was suggested in some other blog post from eOne to delete that ‘default’ SL to return to the original GP SL.
However, several favorites saved by various users over times seem to have vanished in the process. I found a backup of a previous DYNAMICS System DB not too old, that holds the missing favorites in ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86…
I started by recopying the content of 1 single favorite from ASIEXP81 & ASIEXP86 into the DYNAMICS DB where they were gone.. Opening SmartList in the hope they would magically show up under “Item Quantities”, but it’s not the case… What else am I missing to make those favorites come back ? I noticed that this favorite SL was belonging to a ASI_Favorite_Type = 36, which strangely enough all vanished after the SL Item Quantities was reset in SLB.. There is only 1 left with the name ” * ” and the ASI_Favorite_DIC = 0 which indicates that this now belongs to the GP general dictionary, not the SLB dictionary anymore (whereas all other favorites had a DIC = 3830).
The ASIEXP81 holds more than 20 favorites belonging to DIC 3830.. and the ASIEXP86 over 250 lines, which are the fields used by the favorites.
Thanks in advance for shedding some lights on how this could all be fixed.

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