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Smartlist favorites are corrupt after upgrading to GP 2013 from GP 2010

Joseph asked 7 years ago
We recently upgraded to GP 2013 from GP 2010.  Several of our SmartList favorites are now corrupt.  They belong to one user, who had restricted access to them to the users in her department.  The ‘sa’ user did not have access before the upgrade.  I went through the process of SmartView Maintenance > Create / Upgade views, Update field cache and Update missing physical names.  This seems to have fixed some other issues; but, it did not fix this particular user’s favorites.  In all of her favorites, there are no longer any fields and the edit criteria button is missing.  On alot of these we are getting an error for incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘And’, error message.  I am trying to find other options before deleting and recreating these favorites, which are all under Financial > Account Transactions.

Also, is there a limit as to the number of favorites that can be saved in SmartView?
thanks – Joe Guyton

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