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SmartList Designer

Ian Grieve asked 8 years ago
It appears when the latest SmartList Builder is loaded access to SmartList Designer is removed and the buttons instead open SmartList Builder. Is there a way to retain access to SmartList Designer? (I did have a prod at the settings, but couldn;t see anything.
Jared replied 8 years ago

Currently there is not a way other than adding a window shorcut to access SmartList Designer.   This can be found under SmartList>>Company. This does remove some functionality.  What are you trying to accomplish using SmartList Designer?

Ian Grieve replied 8 years ago

I work for a VAR and was hoping to be able to have my test machine with SLD available as per standard and access SLB the traditional way.

Jared replied 8 years ago

In this case you would need to have another instance of GP without SmartList Builder installed that uses the same SQL server.

MattC replied 8 years ago


Before you open SmartList go Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Customise >> Customisation Status and disable SmartList Builder

Then open SmartList, the New button will then take you into SmartList Designer



Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
You can certainly give Matt’s suggestion a try as well. We have seen some mixed results with trying to use SmartList Designer by disabling SmartList Builder. One of the main things is to make sure that the one you are modifying wasn’t created/modified in SmartList Builder and it won’t read those if you disable SLB, but you will still see them in the list since SLB is installed in the Dynamics.set file still.
Ian Grieve replied 8 years ago

I do sort of want my cake and to eat it as I do sometimes need to show people both SmartList Designer and SmartList Builder (as an additional option)  without needing to disable and enable.I was hoping for a hidden option which would allow the button to open SmartList Designer while being able to access SmartList Builder from the menu. Thanks all for the reponses.

MattC replied 8 years ago

Like an open SmartList Builder, SmartList Designer or prompt each time setup option……

End users would always have SLB marked of course but would be a useful option for partners

Ian Grieve replied 8 years ago

Something like a New button which defaults to one of them (option?) and a drop down menu where you can pick which to open would be good.

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